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MACV is dedicated to honoring those who served us first. MACV does not duplicate any services already available through Federal, State or County veteran benefits. Our first step is to connect a veteran with the Veterans Administration for medical and mental health benefits and the County and State for their programs. However, there are gaps in these services that we fill – primarily housing and employment support. We offer assistance with the following:

• Mortgage
• Rent
• Utilities
• Transportation
• Food
• Employment
• Legal Referrals through our Vetlaw Program

Vetlaw was created to address legal issues that can remain a barrier to employment or housing once other immediate needs are met. These issues can include Unlawful Detainer/Evictions, child support, DUI/DWI, Driver’s License suspension/revocation, back taxes, or defaulted student loans. Since the program began in November 2003, there have nearly 800 files opened for veterans in the MACV program.  These files represent individual legal issues for more than 450 individual veterans served.