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Criteria for Selection for Emergency Assistance:

To be eligible for services, clients must be a veteran with 181 days of active duty service. For most programs, MACV follows the same eligibility criteria as the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs. The veteran must be a Minnesota resident (30 days) and homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless and must be motivated to make positive change. To be eligible for housing assistance, the veteran should pay no more than 30% of their income toward monthly housing expenses.

Once a case file has been opened, income verified and eligibility determined, payments are made directly to the service provider (i.e. utility company, landlord, mortgage company) on the client’s behalf.  Generally, emergency assistance is provided on behalf of clients on a one-time basis in which the payment is considered to resolve the current crisis.  All services are confidential, and release of information for any purpose requires formal written consent by the client.